Our liquor stores specialise in fine wines. We aim to provide SA with the largest range of local and back-vintage wines, and to provide our customers with superior service and knowledge. We support local industry and our business is proudly family owned and operated in SA. With over 40 years experience in the liquor industry, our mission is to find the right wine for every customer, at the right price.

Fassina Fam 1


Due to the overwhelming success of our original Fassina Liquor store at Somerton Park, our company has taken the opportunity to expand, with the recent acquisition of 8 liquor stores in Adelaide, previously branded Vintage Cellars and Liquorland. We are currently in the process of renovating these stores, and look forward to providing our customers with a better shopping experience.

It has been a long journey for our family business. It all began in 1975 when founder Joe Fassina bought a bottling hall (where the Somerton Park store resides today). From there, the business sold the bottling hall and made the decision to enter into the retail side of the Liquor industry. Joe Fassina and his partner at the time Martin Bailey, began the brand Vintage Cellars in 1988, and eventually grew to include 25 stores in South Australia and 40 in Victoria, until the brand was sold to Coles in 1992. Four stores were retained in the sale and, Joe, along with his son Ross, and daughter Eleanor, began a new liquor retail chain called Super Cellars. This new business was also very successful, and grew to have 10 Liquor stores spread around Adelaide and 3 in Melbourne, before the business was sold in 2003. Two and a half years later, after many renovations and adjustments, Fassina Liquor Merchants was born, at the original Somerton park site where it all started. After observing the rapid decline in quality of service and range in the changing liquor industry, Fassina Liquor Somerton opened to rave reviews with a heavy focus on customer service and everyday low prices. The store has been a wonderful success for us, and happily re-affirms to us that indeed there is a still place in this industry for a local family business to give the nationals a run for their money! Our business is still 100% family owned and operated, with Joe still very much a part of the business he started all those years ago. Along with Ross and Eleanor, and now joined by Ross’s two children Elise and Adam, this family business is proudly South Australian. Thankyou to all our loyal customers for your continued support, and we hope to continue to improve and grow.